Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yikes! It's Been That Long?

So... I've been busy. I went to the Scrapbook EXPO, met my friend (thank you, Jenn!) there, and had a great time.

I spent more money than I'd hoped (but of course!). We split a batch of Glimmer Mist after actually doing the make-and-take. It is quite fun. AND... I've used it on 8 layouts already. Love the stuff. I bought a little here and there, stuff to work with now, and some not so much.

Jenn and I went to the all-day crop and scrapped our hearts out. I got quite a bit done for my swaps due (in one week). We went back and forth to shop and crop. We were settled into our seats for the rest of the day, cramming to get more done, when I got a phone call at 4:30pm... WE HAD WON THE S.E.I. $100 SHOPPING SPREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, of course we had to go spend it. We didn't get a lot, because if you know scrapping stuff, it kinda costs a lot, and it's not like it was a sale. But we did get quite a bit and decided to split stuff in the stacks and embellishments, so we actually got much more than we would have separately. And so... we both walked out of there with $50 more in product than we spent. Woohoo!

I still need to take pics of the swap stuff I've created. I haven't been taking pics of cards as I've done them, oh well....

Anywho... I'm on my way out the door. Toodles for now! lisa

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scrapbook EXPO - Costa Mesa, CA

Hey there! I will be attending the Scrapbook EXPO in Costa Mesa this weekend. I will be there Sunday (hopefully at the all-day crop - if there's enough room!), February 15th. It is all weekend, Friday through Sunday.

There are some really great perks about the EXPO there. First off, it is at the Orange County Fairgrounds, which also hosts the Orange County MarketPlace (otherwise known as a "swap" meet, but they don't really barter there, and it's really nice). The reason I'm telling you all of this? Whelps, folks... if your significant other doesn't want to go the EXPO and doesn't want you to go, you can ply him/her with the wonderful MarketPlace experience. They have great food, entrance fee of $2, great items, and wonderfully fresh and beautiful produce. Heck, if you walk around the food aisle (the last aisle at the south end, stretching east to west), you can get breakfast/lunch for free with all of the samples. They even have a blog to check out other types of fun things and photos! Yippee!

I'm also telling you this, as if you choose to go, DO NOT EAT AT THE EXPO!!! The prices are super high, even outside. Pay the $2, go into the marketplace and get yourself some good eats for 1/2 the price, or maybe even a bigger savings. Plus, it is noisy inside the EXPO, and you and your friends can chat better in the MarketPlace.

Plus, not all prices at the EXPO are awesome. There are some booths at the MarketPlace that offer scrapbooking and crafting items (including ProvoCraft and Cricut items) at very good prices. Trust me... I know. Been there, done that, but don't have the layout. (LOL, Christina!)

If you choose to go, and you will be there on Sunday, please feel free to e-mail me prior. We can then exchange numbers, and meet up. This is not a pick-up line, just a chance to meet someone else that is friendly and crafty and swap ideas. Yippee!

If you can't make it, still... feel free to e-mail me! Friends are always welcome. Also, if you can't make it, or don't live around Southern California, check out the schedule for other EXPOs.

CHA - Winter

Once again, I couldn't go... but, hopefully that will change within the next year. It is a place I would love to go to, even if only for the experience.

For those of you who didn't go, there are a couple of sites by some wonderful women that give some great glimpses into the happenings at CHA (Crafts & Hobby Association).

Just A Scrappin' by Linda... has some interesting and informative items. She also is an advocate for us all when it comes to ProvoCraft. "ProvoCraft is not listening to their customers."

Also, Glenda's Creative Place by So Cal's own Glenda has some great videos (especially for those who love the bug [Cricut, of course!]!!!). Just think... 25 new cartridges for 2009! I need more $$$!

Please visit both of these ladies' sites... and don't forget to leave a comment! Toodles for now! lisa

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So Here I am... A New Beginning

I decided upon this blog to share my creative things... to save my family from looking over items they'd rather not weed through to get to the family stuff, and to save the creative/crafting people from reading my everyday stuff.

Hope you all like the changes. Fell free to visit all of my blogs...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cuttlebug Spot Challenge #17: Love Word

Here's my take on the Challenge over at The Cuttlebug Spot. The challenge was to use the word "Love" on a card. I used the Cuttlebug (Divine Swirls) to emboss the foil cutout.
The hearts embossing folder adorns the background, as well as Sakura's Jelly Roll (glitter red) to emphasize the hearts. Then the embossed "with love" border sits underneath a Threading Water cut border.

I liked it, and I hope my hubby will, too... next Saturday. It's coming soon! Toodles for now! lisa

Another Card for Valentine's Day!

This one is really cute (I think!). It involves a challenge over at Scrapbook BINGO to win the Christmas Noel Solutions Cartridge. This is something I really want to win, so I'm making sure I'm ahead of the game. The challenge was to make a Valentine card with hearts other than the "normal" colors of red, pink, white, etc. I chose yellow and blue (adds to the green of the card). LOL! A "duh" moment...
Cartridges used:
Stretch Your Imagination (grasshopper card)
Doodlecharms (hearts)
Pooh font

Other materials:
Chalks (for perfect coloring on grasshopper and reverse shading on hearts)
Vellum (for background)
ATG gun
Sakura Quickie Glue (for the finer fonts and antennae)

Hope you like it... Toodles for now! - lisa

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CuttleBug Spot Challenge #16: Sweet Child / Cuttlebug Challenge Blog #17: Love-Themed

This challenge was posted Monday (yesterday) on the Cuttlebug Spot. It was to make a Valentine's for a child. It was also posted 02/04 on Cuttlebug Challenge Blog, so I am putting it for both! Yeah. I've never done that, so I hope people don't mind.

Here is my take on it:
"I'll Hiss for a Kiss" I just popped with it when I saw the snake from Animal Kingdom. I saw so many things I had ideas for, but this one just clicked a little more. And I used scraps I already had. Woohoo!
The hiss and the snake were made from Animal Kingdom; the snake's pink diamond back was embossed using the Cuttlebug Textile folder. ("HISS" is actually two sizes [1" and 1-1/4"], since there is no shadow feature on the "sounds" of the animals.) The other letters are Opposites Attract and dusted/inked with bright pink daubers from Direct Memories.
Of course I had to add Stickles somewhere... so I put it on the skin of the snake (in Cinnamon), emphasizing the diamond back. And I used the "Heart" embossing folder for the background of the card, then sanded the red cardstock to bring out the white core of the cardstock and make the hearts "pop" a little more.
Since it was for a child, I felt only google eyes were appropriate to add a little humor and character to my otherwise fearless friend.

Hope you like it, and check out the links above for more fun and challenges on their blog! Thanks Nilda! And thanks to everyone at Cuttlebug Challenge Blog, as well.

Cuttlebug Challenge Blog - Be Inspired Challenge #16

We were supposed to take Marissa to Disneyland today, but she got sick, so we are home, so... I decided to take a few minutes and do this (made a card)!
This week's challenge was to use distressing. I chose to sand and use Tim Holtz Walnut Stain ink.

First, I sanded my cardstock. (This would allow the ink I am going to use to absorb into different areas, giving it an old feel.) Then I applied the walnut stain ink to the Cuttlebug embossing folder, on the non-raised side, and sent it through, dry-embossing it. The edges are then torn and re-inked to add the "old-paper" feel and look to it. *I was trying to find a more versatile way of using a Halloween-type folder. I *think* I succeeded, don't you?
Then I added the sentiments and embellishments. The purple words "Dust Off the Cobweb" and "is here!" are embossed with Ranger's Puffy in purple, and "Spring!!!" is embossed in hot pink glaze. I left a flower floating on the web for effect.

Hope you like it. You can see more takes on the challenge and check out a challenge of your own on the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog. Good luck! Toodles for now! lisa

HUGE Give-A-Way for Scrappers (and Card Makers, too!)

Heck! For any type of crafter!

Danielle is an awesome paper crafter (scrapper and everything inclusive). She is... (get ready for the drum roll...) giving away a CRICUT EXPRESSSION!!!!! Can you believe it? But, there is a catch! She wants to get to 600 comments. (We are below 200 on 02/03/09.) So... let's help her (and us!). Please go to her blog and leave a comment. AND do me a favor (por favor!)... I have another friend who is trying to win the other prize, so... please let Danielle know (in the same comment) that "Captain Scrappy" (my friend, Jenn!) sent you.

Good luck to you all! Go back everyday!!! The more comments, the closer one of us gets to getting the Big Bug! Woohoo! Toodles for now! lisa


Thanks to Christina (Been There, Done That, Have the Layout!), more blog candy is up for grabs. She has a whole boatload of stuff to celebrate!

First of all, her work is excellent. Secondly, her self-portrait is pretty hot (so all you fellas out there need to take a look, too!). She had her 6-month blogaversary, has had over 3,000 hits (much more than mine! lol!), and has hit the over 200 comment mark (again... much more than mine! lol!). What does she do to be so great? Whelp folks, go on over there and check it out. You will find a great card maker, scrapper, crafter, and friend (also a member of Scrapbook BINGO!).

Leave a comment for her and you will be entered into a drawing for a wonderful package (includes glitter stacks, ribbon, stamps, etc.)! But you gotta go see to enter... So... just click the link next to her name, and you will be taken there. Toodles for now! lisa