Wednesday, July 1, 2009

CHA Summer Peeks and YourStory by PC

Over on Scrapbook Update, they have a listing of who is releasing some things at CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) this summer. Go check it out! If you are a scrapbooker or card maker, you will find lots of different things.

So far, though, we haven't heard anything big for ProvoCraft... maybe the Design Studio Pro? Hmmm... what will it be this time. So far, they've only got new Cuttlebug folders, which are already on pre-order from some suppliers.

As for a previous release, I finally got a YourStory about a month ago. Today I FINALLY used it. I created 26 8x8 layouts for my book (without embellishments to make the binding smoother). Then I bound the book! It is super-uber fantastic, and I'm SO glad I have it. I will be doing much more and may even do some 8 1/2 x 11 pages, as I have one more album cover for the YourStory. I will definitely be on Creative Xpress when I get some $$$. Now I'm working on embellishing it.

The only bad thing about it is the books have to be so slim. I barely got the 13 pages in there.

Oh! And about that de-cluttering. I'm done and organized. Yay me!

Anyway... Toodles for now! lisa

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